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Full leg£24.00

Half leg wax£16.00

Full arm wax£15.00

Forearm wax£10.00

Under arm wax£8.00

Full back or chest wax£16.50

Abdomen wax£8.00

Lip or chin wax£6.00

Lip and chin wax£10.00

Eyebrow wax from£8.00

Bikini wax (top of leg)£10.00

Brazilian bikini (strip)£20.00

Hollywood (front only)£27.00

Hollywood (back only)£17.00

Hollywood (front & back)£39.00

Full leg & Brazilian wax£38.00

Full leg, Brazilian & under arm wax£44.00

Half leg, bikini & under arm wax£28.00

* Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. Results can differ from person to person depending on skin type, skin colour and stage of hair growth this is why we can not guarantee the results of our treatments. The likely results will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal performed in salons nationwide. It is quick, easy and relatively painless. Because the hair is completely removed from the root you can be assured that for four to six weeks you will have smooth, hair free skin. When the hairs start to regrow they are brand-new hairs with soft, fine-tapered tips. Results have shown that having regular waxing treatments weaken and slow down regrowth resulting in sparse areas and longer lasting results.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed from bushy brows to hairy toes. The procedure can be carried out using various types of wax and different methods of removal whichever is going to be most beneficial for the area and skin type of the client.

Benefites of waxing:

  • Skin stays hair free and silky smooth for longer
  • Eliminates stubble
  • Waxing can last up to 4-6 weeks
  • Hairs become sparse over time
  • Large areas can be removed in one go making treatments quick

Strip waxing

Can be used on most areas of the body achieving excellent results in a quick time. Warm wax is applied by spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin using a spatula. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed firmly on top and the strip is then quickly removed taking with it all the hairs from the roots.

Hot wax

Is more suited to strong course hairs and applied to smaller areas. This strip less or hard wax, is applied in layers encasing the hairs and then left to cool and harden. The heat of the wax opens the pores making it easier for the hairs to be removed. It is then pulled off in one piece without the need for strips, leaving clean soft skin.

Prior to treatment

  • Don’t apply any body-lotion or oils to the skin
  • Ensure the hairs are long enough to be waxed approximately 2 week’s growth or 1cm
  • If you suffer with allergies it would be advisable to have a patch test prior to treatment

After waxing advice

It is important that you take extra care of the waxed area, especially within the first 24hours. When a large number of hairs have been removed the area will be vulnerable as the pores are open and prone to infection if not cared for properly.

  • Use recommended antiseptic soothing after wax lotion for three to four days to prevent infection.
  • Make sure your hands are clean before touching the area.
  • Avoid any heat treatments i.e. sunbathing, sunbeds, sauna and very hot baths as well as swimming and exercise for 24 hours to minimise any risk.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes over the area for 24 hours to avoid friction.
  • Avoid wearing perfumed products on the area for 24hours.
  • Do not apply make-up to the area for 24 hours
  • Exfoliate the skin once a week starting 3 days after waxing to prevent ingrowing hairs.

If you experience persistent redness or discomfort consult a pharmacist or your doctor.


Thanks Sue what a great way to relax after work, Fantastic treatment can highly recommend.Carole Ladley

Thank you Sue. Lovely nails and beautiful eyebrows, just what a lady needs to blow away the January blues. Joanne Schofield

My skin has been amazing since I had my facial and I’ve had so many compliments. My skin's finally got its glow back, highly recommend having these facials done. Thank you so much Sue see you next month for my next one!!Tilly Hood


Hi Sue, Thank you for my beautiful holiday nails, the patterned Minx looked fabulous. My individal eye lash extentions are fantastic too and look so natural, just perfect! See you again very soon. Debra

Sue did my bridal make up and tan for my wedding. We had a trial before hand so we knew exactly how it was going to look on the big day. It was great with Sue being mobile she was able to come to the hotel where I was getting married. She started the preparation early so we didn't have to rush. It was so relaxing I just sat back and sipped champagne. Everyone commented how gorgeous my make-up was and that it hadn’t moved all day. It was amazing! Kathy Relton

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